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Hillard's Septic & Vacuum Truck Service

Hillard's Septic & Vacuum Truck Service

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About Us

Hillard’s Septic Service was established in the 1930’s. This marked the beginning of a vital business that would continue to grow and expand, while proudly serving Mississippi residents for years to come. In 1952, the business location moved to Jackson. Since then, over 60 years of experience has been gained while serving in Jackson, Mississippi.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business, which has led to our practice and implementation of qualities such as honesty, integrity and hard work. Hillard’s Septic Service has been built on four generations of Hillards along with the loyalty of customers who remain committed to the dependable and reliable services we provide.

Maintenance and cleaning of septic tanks and water treatment plants
High velocity water jetting services
Sewer Lift Stations
Vacuum Truck services
Clean and remove nonhazardous liquids
Location of underground pipes and tank
Industrial pit cleanout
Commercial Grease trap cleaning


Our Vacuum Truck with boom for large industrial jobs.